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Simon Formanski

Cinematic & VFX Artist


Project DREAMSPACE, a three-year European Commission-funded project, researches and develops tools that enable creative professionals to work collaboratively and combine live performances, video and computer-generated imagery in real-time.

I was mainly involved in the final production test "Battleground" working close to the Ncam system, and Foundry's modified Katana build. I also had the honor to get dressed up in a motion-capture suit to record some of the early robot fight scenes. It was super exciting to work on this project because it involved so many different technologies. To see how all of the different pieces were stitched together, in the end, was incredible. Not to mention that this was very helpful being one of my first professional projects.

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You can view the video on vimeo directly:

IMG 5464

Bonus behind the scenes footage of me in a motion-capture suit.

Role Junior Compositing & 3D Artist

For Stargate Studios

Date 2016

URL dreamspaceproject.eu

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