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Simon Formanski

Cinematic & VFX Artist

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns is the biggest In game cinematic project I have worked on so far. The plot spans well over 120 minutes running cutscenes. I actively worked on over 30 minutes of them as a cinematic artist.

The scenes are very diverse. From quiet dialogue scenes to battle-heavy action scenes to emotional story highlights. I had to work closely with our director and client to get the pace and story beats just right.

I am incredibly proud to have worked on such a large project. As a huge Marvel fan, I couldn't wait to see how the whole story unfolds into the rest of the universe.

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You can view the video on YouTube directly:

Role Cinematic Artist
For Metricminds GmbH
Date 2022/12/01
URL midnightsuns.2k.com

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