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Simon Formanski

Cinematic & VFX Artist

IFM at Hannover Messe 2023

The Hannover Messe is an industrial trade fair with international significance. It is held every spring in Hanover at the largest exhibition center worldwide.

IFM electronics decided to present a booth with a truly gigantic LED wall. It consisted of 1216 LED panels and had a resolution of 16704 x 2304 pixels which extended over 2 corners.

On behalf of JANO 3D Studio I created several 3D animations for this, ranging from waterfalls and robot arms to fire, smoke and granulate simulations.

The resolution and duration of the animations were a major challenge. However, by deciding to rely heavily on Unreal Engine 5 for the project, we were able to avoid many problems and get a high-quality result more efficiently. For the simulations, I relied on Phoneix FD's versatile capabilities and Vray's rendering power. With Nuke, the FX renders could be easily composited over the backgrounds from Unreal.

This project was a great experience and added many new tools and skills to my 3D workflow.

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Role 3D Artist
Jano 3D Studio

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